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Infento presents: Wallaroo

Looking for the best baby push walker?

The Infento Wallaroo encourages your child to take the very first steps in their lives. It might be a small step for them, but it’s a huge step for their development! Thousands of parents worldwide already trust in the Wallaroo to assist their babies.

The best thing? This kids wagon is part of a modular building Kit that grows with your child. Fun for an entire childhood. Plus environmentally friendly and a money saver!

“Our son is only 10 months old and he loves the Wallaroo. The best kids’ set we ever bought.”  

– Zsolt (happy Infento customer)

  Age: 0 - 2 years

  Length: 72-78 cm / 28-35 inch

  Time to build: 1,5 hour

  Max weight: 13 kg / 29 lbs

Part of the Infento Explorer Kit

Ages 0-9

 27 Rides

 2 year guarantee

 Free shipping

27 incredibly fun rides to enjoy. We’ve got you covered for kids aged 0 to 9 years old.
Start your Infento journey today.

8 reasons to fall in love with Infento

Like Lego and Meccano, but life-size

Modular parts allow for endless possibilities

One Kit provides fun for an entire childhood

Empowers your family to be makers instead of consumers

Gives children a technical skill set for the future

A truly durable and sustainable concept

Enjoy real quality time while working on a shared goal

And... saves you hundreds of dollars

Kids Wagon for
Beginner Walker

Is your baby ready to take the first steps? The Wallaroo is here to make things easy! This baby push walker will assist your child in standing up and discovering the world. The front wheels can be tightened to prevent the kids wagon from going too fast. So no need to worry about safety. 

Your child will quickly grow more confident as he or she masters walking around. The rear caster wheels make it easy for them to change direction. Wait till you see the proud smile on your babies face!

Materials & Features of Kids Wagon

The big front wheels make this kids wagon super stable and safe. Your child will be walking around in no time with the Wallaroo. The structure is made of the highest quality aluminum profiles, 100% recyclable. The connectors are glass fiber reinforced plastic parts. Infento stands for safety AND quality first.

Kids Wagon 
as a Toy Cart

The crate on this kids push cart offers plenty of room to bring toys. This way it can be used as a toy box on wheels. Your little one can put in their favorite dolls or bears and enjoy imaginative play. They can be the ‘mum or dad’ that strolls around with their stuffed animal kids.

The sturdy crate of the kids cart can even be used for your baby to sit in! No need to worry about the stability. The Wallaroo is stable and safe for kids to play around with, thanks to the position and size of the front wheels.

Infento Kits allow you to build a baby or toddler push wagon, a tricycle, scooter, go-kart and a lot more. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the modular parts. As soon as your child outgrows a Ride, you just rebuild it into something new. Fun guaranteed, an entire childhood long.


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