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Infento presents: Kids Skateboards

The Best First Skateboard for your Kids

A skateboard for kids is a must-have in any childhood. This classic brings unlimited fun and teaches your kid essential skills. Balancing and coordination will become their second nature. This will boost their self-confidence with ease!

Infento does not just offer any skateboard. We bring you a build-your-own board! Can you imagine the proud smile on your child’s face after finishing their own made kids skateboard?

“The smile on my son’s face when we completed the skateboard together was priceless. The quality of the parts is excellent. Thank you Infento Team!”  Paul Rooney.

The Infento Funboard is a 3 wheeled skateboard and the Streetwave is the 4 wheeled version. Not sure which one to choose? You don’t have to! These Rides are both building options in the Infento Pioneer Kit! Start with the Streetwave and switch to the Funboard for an extra balancing challenge! Anything is possible. 
The Funboard and Streetwave skateboard are part of a modular building Kit that grows with your child. Fun for an entire childhood. Durable and a money saver!

  Age: 8 - 12 years

  Length: 118 - 168 cm / 47 - 66 inch

  Time to build: 1,5 hour

  Max weight: 70 kg / 153 lbs

Part of the Infento Pioneer Kit 

€245 $245

Ages 6-14

 9 Rides

 2 year guarantee

 Free shipping

incredibly fun rides to enjoy with the Pioneer Kit. Create the coolest Rides together. Your child will get the chance to unleash their inner creative genius. Start your Infento journey today!

8 reasons to fall in love with Infento

Like Lego and Meccano, but life-size

Modular parts allow for endless possibilities

One Kit provides fun for an entire childhood

Empowers your family to be makers instead of consumers

Gives children a technical skill set for the future

A truly durable and sustainable concept

Enjoy real quality time while working on a shared goal

And... saves you hundreds of dollars

Specifications of 
Kids Skateboards

The Infento Streetwave is the ‘entry-level’ beginners skateboard designed for children 6 to 14 years of age. It provides a fun way to help your child get familiar with handling a skateboard.

Once your child develops the balancing skills a skateboard requires, the step towards a 3 wheeled board like the Funboard is only a small one. This will add a challenge to the balancing skills and the bigger third wheel will help cover bigger distances. Just take apart the Streetwave any time your kid is ready, and turn it into the Funboard! Modular is the new magic.

Materials & Features of Infento Kids Scooters

The Infento skateboards offer a non-slip, sturdy deck for safe use. The boards are sturdy and can take up to 70 kilograms! The high quality 4 inch wheels ensure a super smooth ride.

The frames of the kids skateboards are made of the highest quality aluminum bars and are 100% recyclable. The connectors are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. No worries when you take a bumpy road 😉

Steering is easy with the Lean to Steer system. Simply lean into the desired direction and the board will follow. The Stabilizer elastics help your kid get back into ‘straight forward’ mode when they stop leaning sideways.

Is your child ready for something new, other than a kids skateboard? Just transform your board into a Ride with the modular parts. Infento offers a wide variety of models for kids aged 0 to 14.

Infento Kits allow you to build a kids skateboard, a drifting tricycle, a bicycle, kids kick scooter, electric go-kart and many more. The possibilities are endless. As soon as your child outgrows a Ride, you just rebuild it into something new! We’ve got you covered, for an entire childhood.


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