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Infento presents: Drift bike

Looking for the best Drift bike for your child?


When a normal tricycle is not challenging enough, it’s time for the next level! The Tornado will do its name justice. This drift tricycle is suitable for 3-7 year old’s. It does not only look stunning, it will also deliver countless hours of fun!


The Whirl is a drift trike made for children aged 2-5. This is the perfect tricycle for some laid-back drifting! The low center of gravity enables your child to easily get the Whirl into ‘drift mode’. Big smiles guaranteed!

“My son really enjoys the tricycle we built. Really cool!” Robert Laigaie, US

The Whirl and Tornado are part of a modular building Kit that grows with your child. Fun for an entire childhood. Durable and a money saver! No need to buy different vehicles for your kids, just rebuild when your child is ready for a new ride.

  Age: 4 - 8 years

  Length: 106 - 133 cm / 41 - 50 inch

  Time to build: 2 hour

  Max weight: 40 kg / 44 lbs

Part of the Infento
Genius Kit 

€595 $595

Ages 0-14

 42 Rides

 2 year guarantee

 Free shipping

42 incredibly fun Rides to enjoy with the Genius Kit. Fun to build together as a family. From drift trike to scooter and from bike to go-kart. Your child will get the chance to unleash their inner creative genius. As a bonus they will learn important new skills for a successful future!

8 reasons to fall in love with Infento

Like Lego and Meccano, but life-size

Modular parts allow for endless possibilities

One Kit provides fun for an entire childhood

Empowers your family to be makers instead of consumers

Gives children a technical skill set for the future

A truly durable and sustainable concept

Enjoy real quality time while working on a shared goal

And... saves you hundreds of dollars

360’s are a piece of cake with the Whirl. This drift trike has FUN written all over it. Pedal, make speed, slide, drift and spin! This is the perfect Ride for the little adventure seeker that wants to feel some adrenaline.

Materials & Features of Whirl

The Infento Whirl frame is made of top quality aluminum profiles and is 100% recyclable. The connectors of the Whirl are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The front disc brake ensures a safe stop any time. Infento puts safety and quality first.

of Drift Trike

What makes the Infento Whirl so special? Of course there’s the stunning looks of the unique design. But there’s more.

4 inch rear wheels: swivel, turn, drift, play! These small wheels offer easy maneuvers indoors and unlimited spinning outdoors.

Disc brake: the brake on the front wheel is a real disc brake! This is the technique that is used on many cars and motorbikes. Drift like a pro and stop like a pro.

8 inch front wheel: the big wheel in front gives the Whirl its distinctive look. The tire profile provides traction on any kind of surface.

And it doesn’t stop there. Is your child ready for something new? Just transform your drift trike! Bigger children can also enjoy Infento. There is even an option to build vehicles with a real electric motor!

Infento’s Kits allow you to build a kids tricycle, a drifting tricycle, a bicycle, kick scooter, go-kart and many more. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the modular parts. As soon as your child outgrows a Ride, you just rebuild it into something new! We’ve got you covered, for an entire childhood.


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