02 Feb

The only way is up

Upgrade Kits: take it to the next level!

The thing with kids is, they grow… Which is natural and necessary, because we want them to become healthy, happy young adults. The downside is that parents are obliged to keep buying stuff as their children grow out of everything. Clothes, shoes, sporting goods, toys and… rides. The pile of items and thus waste grows over the years.

The Infento designers want to change this. Our modular system creates the possibility to adapt the ride to the age of your child. There’s a model for every age from zero to 13 years:

As you may know we offer various kits to more specifically cater to everyone’s needs. We have a smaller Junior Kit for the little kids and we have a Creator and Master Creator Kit for kids from age 0 to 13 years. But what if you are the proud owner of a Junior Kit, and your toddler has become too tall for the rides? Keep calm and… check out our freshly launched Upgrade Kits!

No need to purchase an entire new Kit, just step up to the next level and keep on building (and riding, of course). From a Junior, you can upgrade to a Creator or Master Creator. From the Creator you can expand to the Master Creator Kit. Piece of cake.

We launched Upgrade Kits on our website and you can find them under “Products” in our main menu. 

Modular Mojo

Not only is it easy to jump from one Kit to the next, our entire product range is modular. Building with our unique standardized parts allows you an enormous amount of flexibility in use. Want to convert your ride into a sled (which we dubbed slides at Infento) because there is snow in the backyard? No problem! Our Snow Add-ons will let you use all your parts from your kit to build the most awesome slides!

Infento believes in the power of modular. Big time. And we’re not alone ;-). Most famous examples that might appeal to you; Lego and (for the more experienced Infento fans among us) Meccano. But it’s not just in the toy field that modular is the way to go.

In the car industry, a lot of brands make parts that can be used in different models. An Audi TT uses the same platform as a Volkswagen Golf. Even the exclusive brands Ferrari and Lamborghini are going modular. Ferrari will launch a brand-new modular vehicle architecture that will underpin most future models and this modular vehicle architecture should be introduced by the second-generation Ferrari California in 2017 (picture above).

But in the end… the makers of these future supercars can boast what they want. Right now they only have a limited percentage of modularity. It will be a long long time before this Ferrari California can change into this snowmobile for example:

Infento delivers 100% modular life-size rides and we’re the only one in the world that can deliver this functionality to you and your family. Ok, oops, now you caught us boasting :-).

So, do you want to become a modular master yourself? To offer fun and technical education to small and large kids? To enjoy your kit in sun and snow? On every terrain and in every season?

Check out our online store and embrace the modular future.

Thank you, and as always, keep on riding!

Team Infento