Professional and/or Retail

The Trinity is a large Slab, but can also resize it as a smaller Retail Paver.

Trinity always has the same outside shape and has an attractive and distinctive look.

Easy installation in running bond.

Easy production and handling.

Under “Downloads”, you can access 2 different plotter drawings. One drawing is the larger version, while the second drawing is the smaller Retail version.

You can also download a small presentation with more technical data.

Intellectual Property

  •   US - D666,983 S

    CA - 141887

    CA - 141899


    EU - 001956301 - 0003

    EU - 001956301 - 0004





Pattern 1 - Large version - plot dimensions 30" x 42"

Pattern 2 - Smaller Retail version - plot dimensions 30" x 42

Technical data info package