Flag Line

Professional Random Paver

The Flag Line is a large, Professional Random Paver, its important features are:

1 - Always the same shape used.
2 - No recognition in the pattern.
3 - Fast and easy installation in running bond.
4 - Easy production and handling on the dry side.    

There are six (6) different cobble layout on top of the stones. These false joints are made with a double action or taper head.

We think that this is our best design when it comes to simplicity and nonrecognition of the pattern. Previous designs we did are:  Arbel, Portage, Mega Arbel and some random flagstones.

Under “Downloads” are 4 different plotter drawings available. These 4 drawings can be “stitched” together. With doing so, you will have a pattern of 60” x 84”. This will give you the best impression of the large size of the stones in the pattern. 

You can also download a small presentation with more technical data.